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 Post subject: Wrack!
PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2016 9:16 am 

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Wrack! is a modern action game that is reminiscent of Doom in its fast-paced action style. It was developed by Brad Carney, the creator of Skulltag. It has features similar to Doom - you can carry all of your weapons at once, you do not need to reload and you regain lost health by picking up a health kit. Production of the game began in 2008 and it was released in 2014.

What's more, it's moddable. People have even remade Knee Deep in the Dead in this game and it is on the steam workshop.
Here are some reviews:
John Romero wrote:
Wrack is great!

Press X or Die wrote:
What I played of Wrack has me very excited to see what else it has in store. It's just the kind of shooter I was craving. It doesn't take itself too seriously -- the hardest difficulty level is called Bullshit -- but still allows me to push my FPS skills to the limit as I challenge my personal bests over and over again.

And as for Steam reviews:
Sir Bromeo wrote:
This game gives me the nostalgic doom feeling with a sense of refinement, but it's not quite there yet. Something feels off, but the nostalgia the music and gameplay gives me helps me overlook the shortcomings. I haven't played through all of the game simply because I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be. If you were a doom fan and like the idea of chaining combos, you might love this game, but don't expect to be blown away

Mount C wrote:
Fast-paced action, satisfying gun damage, and awesome music! Topped off with well animated cel-shaded graphics, this game is just awesome!

Kys wrote:
Wrack is a game that only tries replicate gameplay and feel of old FPS games like DOOM & QUAKE but fails at it. Overall gameplay is medicore at best and can only buy you with it's "the old school" feeling, but would be more compareble with other "doom clones" on 90s that nobody remembers now. Arsenal is your standart fps starter pack (It's kinda even shorter than many early FPSs ) and it's also booring to use. The Finisher system is only and kinda original gimmick but is also feels underpowered and never shines through the game. Level design is uninspiring too, and the problem is not art and it's primitivity, but the lack of any interesting ideas, tricks and other engaging moments that made DOOM\Quake (Just basic example because you can clearly see where author was inspired) level design interesting. Even if that game was good in all it's elements it's will be just ok doom clone, but wont be great FPS. There is not much to tell about art, music and story too. It's holds on pair with other elements, bland and cringy. That wont be a problem if other parts of the game was good but in the end it's just filling list of blandness of Wrack.

Unfortunately, I have never played it but it looks to me like a fun game and a spiritual successor of Doom. Is there anyone who has played that could agree with this?

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